COVID-19 RESPONSE UPDATE (MAY 2020): Our team is collaborating to advance environmental diagnostic solutions for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) sewer surveillance to safely keep schools and workplaces open with reduced risk. Read more here.

: At this critical time, the Planetary Genetics team is working to respond to the COVID pandemic by advancing diagnostics for quantitative neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. Read more here.

CONFERENCES: We attended the INTERNATIONAL PLANT & ANIMAL GENOME CONFERENCE in San Diego, CA, January 11-15, 2020. Looking forward to re-connecting. Request a follow-up meeting here.

PLANETARY GENETICS announced its formation in May 2019. Learn more about our mission here.


Given scheduling changes associated with COVID-19, our events schedule is in flux. We look forward to electronic connections on a path to returning to social interactions. Feel free to follow-up regarding meeting related events by emailing us at
Association for Molecular Pathology Annual Meeting

Philadelphia, PA
2021 cancelled due to pandemic

Phoenix, AZ
November 3-5, 2022
American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
Creating the Healthiest Nation

Denver, CO and online
October 24-27, 2021
International Plant & Animal Genome Conference
The International Conference on the Status of Plant & Animal Genome Research

San Diego, CA
January 8-12, 2022


Beta Space
The unconvention for the space settlement community™

Mojave Desert, CA
To be rescheduled due to pandemic